Xbox Live Status Update Unofficial

Xbox Live Status Update

Xbox Live Status Update unofficial Well after several days of extremely poor service and communication from the Xbox Live team I have done my own investigations and have come to the following conclusions.

Xbox Live Core Service Issues

Having done a few remote checks on the Xbox Live status I have come to the following conclusions.

1.The servers are plugged in

2.The male or female who flicks the ON switch does not seem to be on holiday.

3.The somewhat blizzard conditions in the UK do not seem to have caused the issue as countries that have REAL blizzards have also been effected.

4.No mention of Putin yet so unlikely that Russia is involved though there is still time to start that blame game.

5.The core issue does not relate in any way to Ben and Jerry’s Boom Chocolatta™ Cookie Core

6.I suspect the communication team is on site though they may just be eating the ice cream mentioned in point 5 given the lack of ‘Answers’

7.There is no evidence yet of a ‘Hack Attack’ though I have the Valium ready just in case.

8.I suspect the error code 0x87e1000c is just a made up code to make us look inferior

OK I’m bored of this now Xbox Live support can you just

1.Get it sorted


2.Tell us what the real issue is


3.Set some realistic expectations for a fix

And don’t forget about compensating your loyal customers.

Given the not so live Xbox Live its time to watch some Xbox videos

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XBox Live Status Update
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